Summer 2021





NGR 7911C, NGR 7912C, and NGR 7913C

Doctor of Nursing Practice Project I, II, & III


Students enrolled in the last remaining semesters of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program complete an original scholarly-based clinical project while completing a clinical immersion in AGACNP clinical practice designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients.




NGR 6211L

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner II Clinical

This clinical course immerses the Professional Certificate and DNP Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner student in the acute care setting. Students learn principles of acute care management working with a physician or nurse practitioner preceptor in the delivery of acute care in a hospital within the Central Florida region. Goals of the clinical rotation include understanding of the role of the AGACNP in hospital admission, care planning, transitions of care, and discharge from the acute to subacute or home setting.



NGR 6063L

Advanced Skills for the Management of Illness and Injuries

The focus of this didactic and laboratory course is on the skills necessary to correctly evaluate and diagnose, properly intervene, and manage illness or injury. Includes opportunities for hands-on application of the topics, including Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning of Common Acute and Primary Care Injuries and Presentations, Procedural Consent and Safe Prescribing of Anesthetic Agents, Dermatological Procedures and Management of Dermatological Injuries, HEENT and Neurological Procedures and Management of HEENT Injuries, Pulmonary Procedures and Management of Pulmonary Injuries, Cardiovascular Procedures and Management of CV Injuries, Gastrointestinal Procedures and Management of GI Injuries, Musculoskeletal Procedures and Management of MS Injuries, and Rapid Assessment of Life-Threatening Presentations.



NGR 7980

Dissertation Research

This course allows the Ph.D. in Nursing student the opportunity to work closely with Faculty on the development of the doctoral dissertation.