Fall 2023





NGR 7911C, NGR 7912C, and NGR 7913C

Doctor of Nursing Practice Project I, II, & III


Students enrolled in the last remaining semesters of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program complete an original scholarly-based clinical project while completing a clinical immersion in AGACNP clinical practice designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients. WWW




NGR 5003

Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning

This course introduces doctoral graduate nursing students in both the primary and acute care nurse practitioner programs to advanced health assessment and diagnostic reasoning skills employed by advanced practice nurses across the lifespan. Application of the diagnostic reasoning process through differential diagnoses is also a major component of the course and its focus. WWW



NGR 6212
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner III

This is one of three courses that provide the student with in-depth knowledge of advanced nursing practice management of acutely and critically ill young, middle, and older adults from diverse populations. Emphasis is on the utilization of relevant theories, critical thinking, and evidence-based knowledge to formulate differential diagnoses, diagnoses, treatment plans, and optimal outcome parameters for physiologically unstable adults who have complex acute and critical health problems, are technologically dependent, and are at high risk for developing complications. The focus of this course is complex endocrine, neurologic, gastrointestinal, and commonly occurring health care problems in acutely and critically ill young, middle and older adults.